Flora Foods

We are an Argentina’s SMEs joined together in line with the wish of export products. We join in November of 2017 in the belief that through teamworking we could meet and cope with the demands of the principal international markets.
We have as a mission , enhance SMEs their individual growth and strengthen ourselves as a group. Offering a comprehensive service for our members, which allows them greater profitability, operating and logistic costs reduction and different business opportunities in the foreign Market. For other part, guarantee our customers the access to healthy food products, safe and delicious which contribute to a better quality of life.
Our goals:
● Develop new markets and strengthen the pre-existing.
● Comply with our national and international customers requirements
● Establish close links, based in a long-term relationship of trust and loyalty
● Offer a comprehensive commercial proposal with healthy and excellent quality products

Our human values are:
● Honesty and integrity
● Responsibility and commitment to the quality of work
● Professionalism, and great human quality

Companies that constitute the group:

ARALOE: Our business is based in the close union between the human health and the natural environment. We produce nutritional supplements ,natural products and cosmetics based in aloe vera.

APIDELTA: We are an argentinian company fully dedicated to apiculture. We count with a business unit intended to honey collection for export to the world’s most demanding markets. Consequently, we offer the best fractionated honey.

NATURALSUR: We are family and Company. Our main feature is resemble to wheat flours, both in the preparation and in the cooking phase. Resulting in products with an excellent taste, texture and smell with high nutritional value.

VIAVITA: We are a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of gluten free crackers and muffins. The continuous improvement ,the constant innovation of flavours, the homemade style preserved, and the control of each phase of the process under strict quality standards, are the backbones of our oganization.

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